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38 mm High Performance Gang/Turret Turning Center

Tsugami BH38 Swiss Type CNC Lathe with Gang Tooling and Turret

Heavy Duty, Efficient Machining of Complex-Shaped Workpieces

Tsugami’s BH38 Gang/Turret Turning Center combines the precision, accuracy, and speed of a high performance Swiss Type Lathe with the flexibility and additional rotary tool capability of a turning center with a turret.  In this unique combination, up to 34 tools on the tool posts (gang, front, and rear) and turret combine to machine complex parts in a single setup.  

The BH38 turning center is an extremely rugged, powerful machine that can perform 7 different types of simultaneous machining operations involving the front, back, and cross spindles.  A Fanuc 31i-A CNC is standard. If you need a heavyweight performer to make short work of heavy milling, turning, drilling, tapping, hobbing, and long thread whirling, the BH38 is the right choice.  

Key Advantages include:

  • Tsugami Double Spindle Structure enables heavy machining capability, produces blue chips

  • Z-Axis Capability Added to Rear Turret, makes balanced turning, long thread whirling, and other options possible

  • Gang Tool Post + Turret + Dedicated Back Tool Post = Expanded Tool Options

  • Multiple Simultaneous Machining Options on front, back, and cross spindles make complex parts in one setup and slash cycle times

  • Independent Turret Drive improves accuracy and power, reduces thermal distortion.

  • Excellent Rigidity and Thermal Characteristics due to Tsugami fine ground cast iron base.

  • Increased Power to Main and Sub Spindle Motors:  7.5 hp / 11 kW (main), 3.7 hp / 5.5 kW

  • Water Soluble Coolant can be used

  • Fanuc 31i-A 3-path CNC drastically reduces cycle time


Maximum Bar Stock 38 mm / 1.49"
# Axes 8
Sliding Headstock / Guide Bushing YES
CONVERTIBLE: Run w/o Guide Bushing (chucker) NO
Max  Length: with Guide Bushing 250 mm / 9.84”
# Tool Positions (std / max) 34 (max)
# Live Tool Positions (std / max) 12 Rotary Tools (Turret)
Control FANUC 31i-A
Main Spindle  Speed 200 – 5,000 rpm
Sub Spindle Speed 200 –7,000 rpm
Live Tool Speed 200 – 8,000 rpm
Main Spindle Motor 7.5  / 11 kW
Weight 5,800 kg / 12,786 lbs.
Footprint:  W x D x H 2,730 × 1,790  × 1,700 mm
107.4" x 70.4" x 66.9"


  • Turning Holder
  • Double-Turning Holder
  • Front Holder
  • Drill Holder
  • 2-Drill Holder
  • Powered Cross Drilling Head
  • Cross Drilling Head
  • High Speed Cross Drilling Head
  • Drilling Head
  • High Speed Drilling Head
  • Whirling Head 
  • Helical Gear Hobbing Head
  • Milling Head

At A Glance

BH38 Turning Center at a Glance

The BH38 Turning Center is an outstanding heavyweight CNC machine tool that combines a front gang slide with a rear turret, and gives you up to 34 tool positions for rotary and stationary tools. Unique Double Spindle Structure synchronizes the guide bushing and spindle and generates the power to cut effortless blue chips.

Increased power (over previous models) to the main and back spindle motors also enhances this machine’s ability to perform heavy cutting operations. Z-axis capability on the rear turret allows you to cut complex shapes in a single setup.

The BH38 delivers an unbeatable combination. The precision, speed, and accuracy of a high performance Swiss turn with the flexibility and rotary tooling benefits of a turret machine. All in one heavyweight performer!

Reducing Cycle Time

Simultaneous machining capability on the BH38 Turning Center can slash cycle times dramatically. In one test, the BH38 reduced cycle time from 230 seconds to 160 seconds – a 44% reduction.


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