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65 mm Turn/Mill Multitasking Turning Center with CNC Milling Capabilities

Tsugami TMA8-II Turn-Mill Multitasking Turning Center

Flexible, Precise Mill/Turn Multifunction Machine

The Tsugami TMA8C-II Turn/Mill Multitasking Turning Center is a 5 to 7-axis machining center that machines complex parts complete in a compact, flexible machine tool.  You can take the most complex part and perform a full range of operations: CNC milling, drilling, tapping, compound angle work, turning, boring, and threading in a single set-up 

The TMA8C-II turning center delivers higher precision, a large capacity tool changer (30 standard, 60 optional), and multiple C-axis capability in a powerful yet compact machine tool.  This turn-mill multitasking machine tool will perform the same complexity of work on the back and side of a part that is customarily restricted to the front-working!  

Key Advantages include:  

  • High Speed Automatic Tool Changer Standard: tool-to-tool speed of 0.8 sec. Turning and milling tools with same shank size in common magazine, 30 piece standard, 60 optional
  • Bar Capable: TMA8C-II works equally well with bar fed or chucked material
  • Powerful Milling:  7.5 / 5.5 kW built-in motor capable of milling center performance
  • High Rigidity Cross Slide Structure delivers high accuracy in complex machining
  • High Accuracy – Positioning repeatability is ±0.001 mm
  • Tsugami Fanuc LH2        


Maximum Bar Stock 65 mm, 2.56"
Maximum Work Diameter 220mm, 8.66
Max Work Length 5,080mm, 22.83"
Main Spindle Speed/Motor 35 -5,000, 18.5 / 11 kW
Back Spindle Speed/Motor 35 -6,000, 7.5 / 5.5 kW
Tool Spindle Speed / Motor 80 - 10,000 rpm, 5.5 / 2.2 kW
ATC 30 Tools Standard, 60 Optional
Control FANUC LH2
Weight 15,432 lbs, 7,000 kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 141.7 x 83.7 x 88.6”, 3,600 x 2,126 x 2,250mm


  • 60 or 118 Piece Tool Magazine
  • Bar Feeder Interface
  • Part Unloader
  • Part Conveyor
  • Parts Catcher
  • Ejector
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Mist Collector

At A Glance

TMA8C-II Multitasking Turning Center At A Glance

A versatile all-in-one Turn-Mill Multitasking Turning Center that can perform virtually any machining trick in the book.  Powerful milling capability combined with legendary Tsugami turning/drilling capability and accuracy.  More than 20 years ago, Tsugami introduced the “Mercury” – one of the most practical early multitasking machines.  The TMA8C-II turning center represents several generations of upgrades, but remains true to its high performance, practical, all-in-one genesis.

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