• Independent Gang Slide Swiss Type Lathes

  • Vertical Machining Centers

  • Turning Center with Y-Axis


Tsugami CNC Precision Automatic Lathe with IMG Laser Cutting System

Tsugami S206-II Swiss Type Lathe with IMG 400LS Laser Cutting

The LaserSwiss integrates Swiss turning with laser cutting

Tsugami S205 and S206 Swiss type lathes are available with integrated 250W and 400W SPI Fiber Laser cutting systems. The ability to combine Swiss turning and laser cutting in one CNC machine tool eliminates many manufacturing constraints. It frees your design considerations. With the S206, you’ll have up to 36 tools, plus the laser. Use whatever mix of methods produces the features you want at the fastest times.

Key Advantages Include:

  • Fully Integrated Laser Cutting System
  • Full Swiss Turning Capability
  • Through-Part Coolant
  • Automatic Part Handling Options
  • Rock Solid Fanuc 32i-B Control

At A Glance

Combining a Tsugami 6-axis Swiss Type Lathe with a fully integrated laser cutting system helps medical manufacturers stay competitive with shorter run times and fewer changeovers.

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S205 with 250W Laser