Innovative Machinery Group Changes Name to “Tsugami Automation” and Introduces New LaserSwiss

Windsor, CT - January 31, 2017 

Innovative Machinery Group (IMG) announced today that the company will formally change its name to “Tsugami Automation” beginning February 1, 2017.   

IMG specializes in the design, fabrication and integration of Precision Tsugami machine tool optimization products, including robotics, vibratory feeder systems, parts collection systems and custom machine tool accessories. The company designed and built the world’s first LaserSwiss machine, which combines Swiss style CNC machining and laser cutting into one machine with a single shared software platform. 

“We’re rebranding the company to help manufacturers more easily understand what we do,” IMG President Graham Noake explained. “When they hear ‘Tsugami Automation’ they should immediately recognize that we are entirely focused on customizing and optimizing Tsugami machines.” 

The renamed organization is a sister company of Tsugami/Rem Sales, the exclusive North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools. Both companies are divisions of Morris Group, Inc., one of North America’s largest machine tool distributors.  Tsugami Automation products are distributed through Tsugami/Rem Sales.

“Tsugami Automation has a uniquely wide range of experience and skillsets in custom tooling, integrated laser cutting and laser welding and the development of mechanical and robotic loading, marking, cleaning, measuring, and unloading systems for Tsugami machine tools,” Noake said. “We are completely focused on expanding the capabilities of these machines and optimizing their performance.”


Tsugami Automation and Tsugami/Rem Sales expect to launch their newest LaserSwiss, an SS207-5AX LaserSwiss with an integrated welding system, at the MD&M West show in Anaheim, CA in February.  The 20 mm, seven-axis CNC machine integrates two SPI laser systems, one for cutting operations and a second one for welding.


“It’s the first machine of its kind,” Noake noted, “and we expect it to provide significant competitive advantages to manufacturers of small precision parts.”


About Tsugami Automation

Tsugami Automation is a division of Morris Group, Inc. of Windsor, Connecticut. The company specializes in the design, manufacture, and delivery of Tsugami machine tool optimization products, including robotics, lasers, vibratory feeder systems, parts collection systems, and custom machine tool accessories.

About Morris Group, Inc.
Morris Group, Inc. (, whose history dates to 1941, is one of the largest machine tool distribution networks in North America. Based in Windsor, Connecticut, the family-owned and operated company has 14 business units throughout the United States.