LaserSwiss – Tsugami CNC Lathe with Laser Cutting & Laser Welding Systems

At a Glance
At a Glance

Tsugami’s LaserSwiss machines combine Swiss Type Lathes with fully integrated laser cutting systems. The resulting shorter run times and reduced changeovers help manufacturers stay competitive.

Swiss Turning. Laser Cutting. Laser Welding. ONE MACHINE.

Tsugami’s LaserSwiss combines the precision of a Swiss Turning Center with a fully integrated Laser Cutting System to minimize part handling, eliminate secondary operations, improve part quality, and accelerate production to speeds you never thought possible. Machine models include a second laser head for welding and B-axis laser cutting.

  • Compact, fully integrated SPI Laser Cutting Systems
  • Full Swiss machining capabilities
  • SPI Laser Power Supply rated for 500,000 service hours
  • Laser power, frequency, pulse width, gas pressure threshold and lens focus are on-the-fly adjustable from the machine’s Fanuc control. Response time is less than 10 milliseconds.
  • Through-part coolant
  • Water soluble flood and high pressure coolant standard

Automatic part handling

More About This CNC Machine

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