P034H - 3 mm, 4-Axis Opposed Gang Tool Swiss Type Lathe

At a Glance
At a Glance

For superior micromachining, this 3 mm, 4-axis Swiss Turn delivers unparalleled speed, accuracy and precision for long runs.  A unique chuck with an adjustable gripping force gently clamps parts, and Tusgami’s auto compensation reduces thermal displacement variation problems.

Superior 4-Axis Swiss Micro Machining

The Tsugami P034H 4-axis Swiss Type Lathe employs the same world leading Tsugami small part technology as the P033H CNC Lathe but adds a high performance back spindle and 3 additional tool positions for increased micro machining capability. This micro Swiss turn delivers unparalleled speed, accuracy and precision for long runs of parts made from 3 mm bar stock.

Micro machining presents unique challenges and Tsugami’s P034H CNC Lathe meets and exceeds them. The main spindle motor operates at 20,000 rpm to deliver the accuracy and surface finish you demand. Thermal displacement and warm-up problems are greatly reduced thanks to an auto compensation feature – delivering faster cycle times at no sacrifice to precision. The coolant system is designed specifically for micro parts, the chuck has adjustable clamping force to gently grip parts and easy-to-use small part software is standard.

Maximum Bar Stock 3 mm
# Axes 4
Sliding Headstock / Guide Bushing YES
CONVERTIBLE: Run w/o Guide Bushing (chucker) NO
Max  Headstock Stroke w/ Guide Bushing
Max  Headstock Stroke w/o Guide Bushing
35 mm Stationary, 30 mm Retractable
# Tool Positions (std / max) 14
# Live Tool Positions (std / max)
Control FANUC 32i-A
Main Spindle  Speed 200 – 20,000 rpm
Sub Spindle Speed 200 – 20,000 rpm
Live Tool Speed 8,000 rpm or 50,000 rpm (on optional Cross Drill)
Main Spindle Motor .75 / 1.1 kW
Weight 2,204 lbs., 1,000 kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 53.1”  x 23.6” x  62.9”; 1,350 × 600 × 1,600 mm
  • Precision 4-Axis Swiss Style Micromachining for long runs of parts from 3mm bar stock
  • Specialized Bar Feeder (OS1U-3T) Included – handles long bar stock without bending, handles high spindle speed
  • High Speed Main Spindle – 20,000 rpm reduces cutting time and improves surface finish
  • High Speed Back Spindle – 20,000 rpm performance
  • 3 Additional Tool Positions – total of 14, 3 rear
  • 35 mm, 30 mm Part Length depending on stationary or retractable guide bushing
  • Cold Start Thermal Variation Problems Reduced with Tsugami auto compensation
  • Unique Chuck Gently Clamps Parts – adjustable gripping force
  • Patent Pending Tool/Height Compensation – plus additional micro-part software standard
  • Fanuc 32i-A
  • Cross Drill
  • Guide Bushing Holder
  • Drill Holders
  • Double Head Drill Holders
  • Fixed Spindle Liner
  • Work catcher
  • Work Light
  • HV Control
  • Bar Feeder Optional Interface
  • Signal Tower (Triple)

NOTE: Some options may not be available for specific P0 models – our engineers will confirm availability by application

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