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Spirol Parts made on Laser

Spirol International Corporation

Challenge: High-quality, high-volume, low cycle time
Machining Solution: Tsugami B0205-II (3), BE20V (3), BE12V (2), BE12 (3) Swiss Type CNC Lathes
Result: Increased productivity, 40% decreased cycle time
Location: Danielson, CT

Phoenix Medical – Making it in Mountain City

Challenge: Long cycle times, too many ops.
Machining Solution: SS207-5AX
Result: We removed the secondary ops, sped up production and increased efficiency dramatically.
Location: Mountain City, Tenn.

Precision Metal Products – Adding Swiss Machining to the Production Mix

Challenge: A huge project immerged and the need for more machines became evident.
Machining Solution: BE20
Result: Ability to perform all of the operations necessary to make the volumes and variety of the part package in a single handling.
Location: Holland, MI

Precision Metal Machining Inc. – CNC Screw Machine Enhances the Competitive Edge

Challenge: Needed a machine with the rigidity neeed to hold fine micro finishes.
Machining Solution: SS20
Result: This Tsugami SS20 Swiss-type CNC Screw Machine at PMMI has been saving the company nearly 60% of their outsourcing costs after only six weeks of operation.
Location: Carlstadt, NJ

Precision Plus – Combining Old and New Technologies Pays Off

Challenge: Business Expansion.
Machining Solution: SS20
Result: reducing the cycle time from 2 min. 20 sec. to 1 min. 15 sec.—a savings of more than 47 percent.
Location: Elkhorn, WI

Recognizing the Swiss Advantage

Challenge: Needed live tooling and an uncomplicated platform.
Machining Solution: SS32, BE20
Result: Complete machining of bigger parts.
Location: Elyria, OH

C&L Supreme – Continuous Improvement Streamlines Throughput on CNC Swiss-Types

Challenge: Reducing part ops and headstock stroke length
Machining Solution: SS20
Result: Redundant steps eliminated.
Location: Des Plaines, Il

Prince Industries – Swiss-type Turning enables faster, more efficient Machining

Challenge: The company strives to exceed the needs and expectation of its customers, eployeed and suppliers by continuously improving virtually every aspect of its operations.
Machining Solution: BU38SY
Result: Parts complete in 1 op, removed inaccuarcies.
Location: Carol Stream, IL

Tier One – OEM Transitions To Contract Manufacturer

Challenge: Needed the right machine to fill a gap in their facility.
Machining Solution: TMU
Result: Machining solution with an ATC for a wide range of capabilities.
Location: Newton, CT
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